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Monday, September 28, 2009

Steve Seeley.

Steve Seeley's paintings have intrigued me since I was first introduced to his work three years ago at the Packer Schopf gallery in Chicago. His mixed media paintings incorporate animals as stand-ins for humans; weaving a narrative that is equal parts pop culture and nature. My good friend, Arius, once said,
"Jane, if primates didn't evolve into human beings I think we would have evolved from bears." Omnivorous, bipedal at times, intelligent...the bears in Seeley's work remind me of what would have happened if bears did evolve to the humanoid level. Dogs, deer, gorillas, mandrills, and birds all play equally complicated roles and come together to create a universe I wouldn't mind hanging out in for awhile. Steve and i are showing together at the South Bend Museum of Art in Indiana. The Show is titled, Fauna and was curated by Jason Lahr. Check out http://www.artseverywhere.com/event/detail/38407

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