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Friday, September 25, 2009

tooth chip.

The first time I chipped my tooth was on a sugar daddy lolipop. I was at P.F Chang's. It was horrible and I never wanted it to happen again. Also, the food at P.F Chang's was horrible. The whole event was terrible and then the dreams began. Dreams, every night, about

1. spitting out teeth
2. eating my teeth
3. pulling out my own teeth and spitting them into my hand.
4. teeth falling out in chunks.
5. the dog sniffing my tooth chunks.

Ugh. Need I say more? Everyone worries about their teeth because they make us look good and we need them to chew...and live when it comes down to it. A tooth infection could kill you. Cavities hurt, root canals are worst and don't get me started on the wisdom teeth...I call them caveman teeth.

I chipped my front tooth today while biting tape. I'm an idiot. a total idiot. The chip is sharp but at least it's small. Still, its big enough to ruin my day.


  1. i have dreams at least once a week of my teeth turning into sand. also, the first time i chipped my tooth was on a fork at ruby tuesday's. equally bad experience, equally bad food.

  2. ugh. mine is starting to smooth out, thank god.

  3. i was in the car grinding my teeth and my front tooth chipped in half and i spat it out in my hand. but the dentist fixed it. i have to get my wisdom teeth out.

  4. thats a HORRIBLE story. the thought of spitting my teeth into my hand is terrifying.