rik-rat corn pile

Monday, November 16, 2009

cadaver dogs.

In Chicago they band together,
roving packs of angry, canine youths.

They roll into the suburbs
and disturb my mother's neighbors.

Only to be chased away from emptied garbage cans,
by the River Forest Police.

In Iowa you solo roll,
trot along the four-lane highway.

Dead smells seduce
your olfactory sense.

You cadaver dog. Eat what you find.


  1. Isn't a cadavar dog a police dog? Or are you misspelling cadaver? PLZ HELP

  2. dear sleepless in seattle.

    I was using the term Cadavar dog in a poetic sense. Cadavar dogs are used by police to find bodies....

    in iowa stray dogs run free and are good at finding dead animals on the road to eat...i see this all the time, almost everyday. plus cadavar dog sounds so cool.

  3. plus it works well with the police reference in the earlier part of the "poem"