rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hungry eyes.

I have a trail camera attatched to a tree on our property. It collects photographs of wildlife around our Iowa home. I have pictures of all sorts of creatures; bobcat, coyote, male and female deer, squirrels, raccoons, possum, birds, and other woodland creatures. The camera is set off by a combination of heat and movement so the camera won't take pictures of swaying reeds, leafs blowing, or other boring things. Occassionally the camera will take a very amusing photo of animals just doing what comes natural to them. I've decided to share two of the more amusing photographs with you all.

1. A coyote taking a number two right in front of our camera. Very random.

2. A young male deer looking for love (he is doing "frenum", mouth open smelling for mates),he has a small erection which means he's probably about to run and harrass a doe.


  1. i love that you have that camera. and that that deer has hungry eyes. ( :

  2. we also have a photo of a raccoon corn party. there's like ten of em' chowing down on a pile of corn, very cute.

    huuuuuuun-gry eyes!

  3. let's see the raccoon party too! miss you, love juice

  4. I love you too! there's a peoria guild opening on saturday that I'm in. I'd love to see you there so I can give you your corn present.

    Raccoon party soon, pal. miss you.