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Thursday, December 10, 2009

snow job.

obligatory snow post.

Well, its my first winter in Iowa. Everyone Iowan told me to dread the snow. I told them to not worry about me because,

"aww, schucks. I've driven in Illinois winters for years. It can't be THAT bad."

You can't compare a Chicago winter to a rural Iowa winter. And this snow and ice and sleet has humbled me. On Tuesday morning we had a storm come in from Nebraska, Tuesday night a storm blew in from Illinois (or vice versa). When those two storms met in the middle they fought a mighty fight. The winds blew a powerful 45 mph, about as fast as a thouroughbred horse. The snow came down and down and down eventually laying twelve inches of powder. Then the wind and the snow worked together to make tremendous white mountains and drifts. Sadly, it was not packing snow and no snowmen were made.

It was a fantastic feat of nature.

The snow locked me indoors and i got the day off work...paid. Porch cat tried to beg her way into our home by sitting on the window sill by the t.v and meowing...when she slipped off the edge of the sill and disappeared from my view I felt sorry for her. I let her inside and she slept happily by the space heater all day. I could feel kittens in her tummy, spinal chords and heads, it was kind of gross.

the end.


  1. aw, that was nice of you to let porch cat in. kitty won't leave the space heater either.

  2. she live in our basement at night. she's gonna have kittens and I'm gonna socialize them and then get them some homes. Porchy needs a home too. She's the best cat ever, she gets along with the dog but she wants to KILL all my other pets.

  3. hye..im from malaysia....


  4. hey there! How exciting! I've never made a friend from Malasia. Nice to meet you.