rik-rat corn pile

Friday, January 22, 2010

ice storm

(I got new specks and can see again. Everything is so clear, perfect...awesome.)

Iowa got blasted with an ice storm. A serious blast. Power lines are down. People are without electricity. Turkeys can't scratch through ice plates to get their food. Ironically, everything is beautiful. I've never seen anything quite like it. Iowa is wearing an icicle coat. Individual blades of grass have individual ice sheaths. There was a dead vole encased in a form fitting ice casket in my yard. Each twig on each tree is shining like a fucking diamond and it feels like I am living in a souvineer shop geode. And I need to see it with my new glasses. After work.

After work: I park the Honda and slip and slide my way to the deck. I open the back door and let Arkoo the dog outside. We need to see the ice-spectacle together. He immediatly eats icicles. When we walk onto the lawn, together, it crunches, cracks, and meows? Porch Cat decided to join us and I decide we are a pack. Ice is covering everything and I'm overstimulated and I start to run. And the dog, the cat, and i are all running together. And its dark. And the light on the garage is reflecting off every ice crystal. And it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen or felt. Me and my pack, running together through the ice in my backyard.

We run through the tall grass and it snaps and falls like dominos. We run through the low trees and it looks like the inside of a chandelier. and we run back to the house. Porch Cat is hungry and i give her a bowl of lard.

and then its all over.