rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

fun with bird seed.

1. I was having some fun with bird seed. My idea was to have the word HI covered in birds. Don't they look confused? "Hi?" Birds don't speak English. And besides, they never saturated the letters with their hungry bird bodies. So, the plan failed. 2. And don't they look confused? After weeks of sitting by the window and on my back porch. After feeding them and taking glamor shots of them...these birds will never trust me. Next week I'm going to write a short sentence. These birds will be trained, pavlov style, by the end of winter


  1. I know a song about Pavlov...

    TMBG's 'Dinner Bell'

  2. it mostly comes out at night...mostly.

  3. shit, I got off subject. tmbg's eh? thos nerds are cool.

    the sun is a mass of incondesent gas.