rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

an old sketchbook.

Here's how I travel. I draw a lot. These are from 2005...long time gone, eh? Nostalgia made me post em'.


  1. i miss our travels. we should meet for a road trip sometime.

    ps you're so talented

  2. i miss em' too. we had some glory days, didn't we? I'm planning on going to see you in July for a little over a week. Wanna meet in British Columbia? a little vancouver perhaps?

    p.s. you're so talented, cookie face.

  3. Love it. The last sketch reminds me of the maps you see in books like Lord of the Rings... just sayin.

  4. i love the movie, the hobbit. its all about creepy animations and creepy songs. I must have watched that movie over 100 times. You shold rent it...is it true that blockbuster closed in provo?