rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the mascot of southern iowa

I see rat terriers everywhere. Folks around here use the canines for hunting and vermin control. Because I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, the idea of using a dog as a tool is foreign to me. Dogs in Oak Park were mostly just morbidly obese and unpleasant. Rat terrier dogs don't fuck around. They are svelte, awesome, and multi-functional.
Vermin control, you got it. A hunting partner, you got it. Do they smell horrible?, yes, but I've been told that's the sign of a good rat terrier. Why? I have absolutly no idea!
I see them running feral or running hard through ditches on the side of the road everyday and these scrappy little shit for brains have earned a special place in my cold, cold heart.
Here's to you, Rat Terrier *chugs a beer*