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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the salty tree frogs.

This is a grey tree frog. My friend, Heather found him. He was dry from the 90 degree temperature. Heather rehydrated his skin with room temperature bottled water and named him Dennis for good luck. Her family released Dennis into their backyard where he probably took up recidence in a nearby tree.
this guy was found in a cornfield and given to me. a perfect gift. it's a tree frog that died in the sun and baked on sandy earth for awhile. He is perfectly dehydrated, just like a little egyptian mummy. I keep him in salt as a precaution, its humid in Iowa and he could re-rot. His eye looks like a piece of amber, very strange.


  1. poor little froggies, burning up in this hotter than hot summer--i saw that frogs all over the world are dissapearing..well, the mosquitoes will rejoice.

  2. its been 90 + and then there's the humidity.

    Frogs are called the world's litmus test. if they're doing bad, then the rest are too. i've heard teh same thing about grizzley bears. If they aren't doing well then neither is their ecosystem.

    oh baby baby its a wild world. Gotta keep your fingers crossed for the frogs.

  3. This is one of the best posts I've gotten in my Google Reader in awhile!



  4. mummies are cool, tweet that shit.

  5. So cool looking! I heart frogs