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Thursday, January 20, 2011

the floppy show

I get to print this on t-shirts today. I'm excited but most people would probably ask,

"Why are you excited about printing that? The shirt says Floppy right across the chest, that's not a very flattering word. And about that stupid dog...what's up with that stupid dog?"

Anyone familiar with Floppy? Floppy was a dorky puppet that told jokes to the dorky youth of Iowa. It was a phenomenom that lasted 30, beautiful, years. Check out this dorky website to further investigate the saga of Floppy (or just wikipedia that shit)..



  1. i guess Floppy never crossed the Mississippi, kind of like Welch's grape soda.

  2. welch's grape pop never made it across the mississippi? That's so sad.

    want me to send you a case? and a case of floppy puppets?

  3. haha. no, i'm way past both the grape soda and floppy stage of my life. thanks for the offer though

  4. I'm drinking a grape soda right now. did you know that grape Fanta has 40 more calories then a coke? put that in your crazy pipe and smoke it.

  5. awesome. i never count calories. and i don't have a crazy pipe, but if i could sit around drinking grape soda and smoking i think it'd be good day. oh, and go bowling as well--that's tops

  6. i like how this conversation started with floppy and ended with crazy pipe bowling.

    you rock you roll.

    also, you and toby have some fun this weekend.

  7. Where might one find said shirt (already got the pipe).

  8. Do you have any men's size x-large floppy t-shirts for sale?

  9. Where can I get one of these shirts! We love Floppy in Nebraska!!!!