rik-rat corn pile

Monday, March 14, 2011

(a feral chicken race in the Cayman Islands. They're nose to nose!) The Cayman Islands were beautiful. The water was clear and blue. The sky was cloudless and infinite. The ancient ocean left behind limestone structures that looked like mini mountainsides. There were sea turtles and stingrays to touch and feed.

Feral chickens?

Oh, yes. I learned a lot about stingrays and aquatic turtles while cruising round' the Caymans. But I was totally fascinated by the ubiquitous feral chickens. The lil' fuckers were everywhere. They were at the gas stations, the Pizza Hut, on the side of the roads, they were in Hell (hell was an attraction we visited...so, yes, there are chickens in Hell).

How'd the chikens get there, Jane? Well, the tour guide told us that hurricanes knock fences down. When a fence gets knocked down whatever resided inside that fence has "flown the coop."

After a particularly bad hurricane in 2004, the chickens took over.

So, there you have it...Feral Chickens in paradise.


  1. i did! at the Hell attraction (post office with postcards from Hell) I found a nest. There were three eggs and three small chickens running around (the chickens from the chicken race photo)

  2. damn. wish i'd signed up for a postcard from Hell.

    Also, Chickens in Paradise? Is that anything like Cheeseburger in Paradise?

  3. its exactly like cheeseburger in paradise.

    also, I got you a postcard from hell. i just forgot to send it.

  4. Great pictures! What a fun trip!

  5. oh man, it was fun. you'd love a cruise...so much sun and so many fruity island drinks.