rik-rat corn pile

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the sights of Cozumel.

1. The palm and shoe filled skies of Cozumel, Mexico.2. I think this may be the DMV.
3. An immature brown pelican chillin with floating garbage.
4. tagged.
5. We saw a dolphin and his trainer on our way back to the boat. I waved to the pair and the trainer asked the dolphin to wave his flipper at me. Amused, I pulled out my camera to take a shot. The trainer signaled the dolphin to shake his head "NO". It was pretty damn funny.


  1. don't do dolphin drugs. neee neee

  2. but dolphins always have the best grass, maaaaaaan.

  3. @#4, hell yes, we're in mexico. and korea and india and jamiaca and across the states and in canada and in...shit. We're everywhere.

  4. Wow. It seems like you had one fun road trip. I love how colorful the photos are. They feel so alive! Anyway, it seems like your car and your urge to go on an adventure take you to some fun locations...
    -Timmy Radloff