rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Small brown bat. Photographed on the hood of my Honda by the DesMoines River.

Animal specimens helps inform the content of my work (no animals are ever harmed by my hands and have died natural deaths). I am able to get an up close encounter without all the hassle of harassing small mammals. The photographs are often incorporated into complicated paintings or drawings. Real observations of real animals are important to my work and its more personal then picking an image to draw off of google image search (not that I don't do that occasionally).


  1. i think i read somewhere that guys like Audobon, etc. used to capture and kill birds to get such accurate details of them in their illustrations. Too bad about the wee bat tho!

  2. they sure did. shot them right out of the air or put them into a cage and gassed them. cruel shit.