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Thursday, June 30, 2011

the truck sunk.

A couple weeks ago this truck sunk in the DesMoines River. After a few days of submersion, car help arrived and the wet truck was yanked out of the muddy depths.
The debris looks nice wrapped around the hood ornament. It looks like the eagle is making a nest.
The interior was filled with silt and dead fish. Notice there are no human bodies present, no one was hurt when the truck sank. Lucky ducks.
I don't know where it came from but there was a deer skull laying in the truck bed. It couldn't have been in there before the truck sank, a skull would have floated away. Did someone throw it in there after the accident? I wanted to take the skull home with me...but I'm pretty sure that would have given me bad luck.


  1. http://oskaloosa.com/archive/x1886880933/Oskaloosa-man-faces-multiple-charges

    a police report for a crime that happened the same week in the same spot. that's why i didn't steal the skull. this place is unlucky.

  2. That would kind of make for an awesome photo shoot.

  3. It was pretty cool. It smelled like pondscum inside...I'll bet that stinkly truck is totaled.