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Thursday, August 18, 2011

some finds.

The Des Moines river is running low. Rocks and indian artifacts have been under water are exposed...fossils that have been hidden for millions of years finally make their way to the surface.
Yesterday, Kyle and I took the boat out and went on a fossil hunt. It was a successful hunt, we found a handful of wonderful fossils (seen above in the photo).

found: horned coral, colonial coral, brachiopods, and foraminifera! I'm in hog heaven.

And since I'm on a fossil kick I decided to post the fossils I aquired 5 years ago. I was at a gas station in rural Wyoming (wait...I think all of Wyoming is rural) and right next to their candy isle was was a fossil isle. Trilobites, Pleistocene horse teeth, shark teeth...all sorts of fancy rocks. Right next to the candy isle. Needless to say, I bought them.

We're going out to hunt on Saturday. Hopefully, I'll have some photos to post. Ta-ta.


  1. i wanna go fossil hunting with you. Fun!

    couple years a go i found a chunk of pyrite as big as your fist in a junk shop in colorado and snapped it up. rocks are a big thing, but i couldn't really tell you what any of them are.

  2. @tom: i heard from someone that pyrite smells of sulfur. So, I bought some pyrite, sniffed it, and sure enough...it smelled like farts. I'd like to see this giant fist sized fools gold.

    @ann: i am one lucky girl. i like your jello mold post.

  3. also, if either of you are in iowa during warm months...come on over and we'll hunt.