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Monday, August 15, 2011

penny time.

I went to Adventureland park over the weekend and had a damn fine time. I rode some roller coasters, drank a warm beer while eating an overpriced Phili cheese steak, screamed a lot, almost threw up on a spinney ride, and did some excellent people watching. I saw three people with one leg, two people with one arm, one woman who was covered in warts, and I observed the obesity epidemic while waiting in line.

My one beef about the park is that they didn't have a smashed penny machine. Its an old, historic park...it should have had a smashed penny machine. Well, since they didn't have one I decided to post more of my collection.

p.s. I just found a comprehensive list of all of the penny smashing machines in the united states.



  1. aha. i see you were up south dakota ways....does that mean you stopped in to Rapid City and saw the big ass dinosaurs atop the hill?

  2. I did see the big ass dinosaurs. they look kind of crappy...in an awesome way. I'd like to see the dinosaurs from Pee Wee's big adventure.