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Friday, August 12, 2011

This is my beta fish, Meatloaf. This week was our one year anniversary. We made it, Meatloaf! I've kept your bowl clean and you haven't kicked the bucket (knock on wood, knock on wood!).

Other Stupid names I've given my Beta Fish.

1. Vanillaroma (named after a car air freshener, the name rolls off the tongue)
2. Beef Wellington (Mr. Beefy for short)
3. John Fredrick Esq. (named after my English boyfriend...I think it freaked him out, I was 18)
4. Opie-Fish (he creeped me out. I think he was an albino)

Happy Anniversary, Fish.
May we celebrate again next year...but i won't hold my breath.


  1. How funny. I am going to buy a beta fish this weekend. I will have to think of a creative name for him.

  2. Oh, man. they have betas called "dragon scales". Awesome to look at. Have fun with your new pet, I found a product called "stress coat" (betas have a protective slime on their body), it seems to help meatloaf after a water change.

  3. we had a goldfish-Filbert-that lasted at least 3 years. i actually shed a tear (just one) when i buried it in the garden

  4. That a long lived goldfish! At least filbert made nice fetilizer for the spring grass.

    I think my first set of betas didn't make it long because I had them in a small tank with a filter. I've heard that the filter knocks off their protective slime and leaves them open to illness. Meatloaf gets his bowl changed once a week. Still, clean water is good for the ol' fighting fish.