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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

treasure hunt!

Its been a good week for treasure hunting. First the fossils, then these geodes and finally........
A 1948 wheat penny! I found it in the take a penny leave a penny tray at Kum and Go (the most hilarious name for a gas station...ever).

Happy hunting, people.


  1. Ooo... I love finding treasures. You have an awesome collection

  2. i found a paper ninja star on the sidewalk this morning. that was kind of a cool find.

  3. I thought a girl was looking through our find a penny leave a penny tray the other day and I asked if she was looking for wheat pennies. Then I was embarrassed to realize she was actually looking at the earrings next to the tray. Needless to say, I thought of you.
    ( :

  4. awww, that made me smile. Miss you, pal. When I picked up those geodes I immediatly thought

    "I'd like take ann here so she could find geodes. ann likes geodes."

    Punch jeremy in the arm for me.