rik-rat corn pile

Monday, February 20, 2012

sunday fossil hunt!

Sunday was pretty nice. The sky was blue and cloudless... sunshine made the air warm, no wind was present, and there wasn't a lot of snow to speak of. Sunday was perfection.

A perfect day is easily wasted and I didn't feel like doing that. Mudd, Kyle, and I hopped into the truck and drove towards my new favorite ditch. This is what we found.
Overall, pretty damn successful. We even found a new kind of fossil. In the top photo you'll see some fossils that look like branched coral...yup, I'm pretty sure those are branched coral. Its always cool to find a new specimen for my collection.

Another cool thing...THIS IS A GEODE DITCH!!! I found evidence of geodes. More on that tomorrow.


  1. quite a haul. i guess i need to get into some ditches. My mama always told me to stay away from dirty things

  2. mama normally knows best. "I got 99 problems but a ditch ain't one."

  3. Those branched corals are pretty sweet.
    We should go on a field trip to the driftless area to check out algific talus slopes. I never been