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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bumble bees and bad luck.

not the greatest photo but i took it.  all will be explained.
Alright, so it was raining pretty bad the other day.  I enjoy watching the rain so I opened up the screen door and proceeded to admire the weather. Before I could even ogle,  three bumblebees tried to find refuge in my kitchen.  I wasn't about to let that happen and slammed the screen door as fast as I could.  The bees were wet and could hardly fly. One found shelter on the lighting fixture above my head (on the other side of the screen door, of course and in the photo).  Once the rain stopped the bees left.  Remarkable creatures, really.

Ever since I refused entry to those three bees my pod has been having terrible trouble with the creatures.  The day after it rained K was stung on the hand.  The next day Mudd came shooting up the stairs and jumped straight onto my lap.  He had a stinger in his lip.  The dumb fucker tried to eat one.

And the icing on the cake?  Last night I was walking around, checking out the garden and I felt a prick and a BURN on the bottom of my naked foot.  Damn, those stings burn and ache and hurt.  I'm swollen and have to spend the rest of the week walking around on a bee sting on the arch of my foot.  Boo.  Oh, yeah.  My other foot has glass stuck in it.

One foot full of glass, one foot full of venom.  Shoot, that might be a good title for a book.


  1. you need a rubberized outdoors suit, like the kind astronauts wear. While everyone else will be sweating buckets in August, you'll be protected from bees, plus air-conditioned. Beer can holder is an up-grade.

  2. whenever summer comes around I wanna dress like the dudes from the outsiders.

    all tight jeaned, beatle booted, white shirt with the cigs rolled in the sleeves.

    I don't know why I feel this way.

    All I know is that shoes are prisons for your feet (quoted my buddy ali on that one)