rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A few weeks ago, I won the regional Iowa Artists competition.  It was pretty great to receive recognition and win an adorable, tiny, blue ribbon.  After the regional show,  I was invited to hang the blue ribbon winner in the Iowa Artists State wide competition (in Decorah, Iowa).  There were about 100 pieces and I won this BIG ASS BLUE RIBBON!  And 50 bucks...(I just realized I have no idea where that check is).

I've never seen a ribbon so huge.  I'm happy that the people of Iowa responded well to my work and rewarded me with this BIG BLUE RIBBON.  My hand looks a little gnarled and creepy but that's ok.  At least it can hold a paint brush.


  1. Well done indeed! That is a big blue ribbon!

  2. a big ASS blue ribbon ;)

    worthy of a blue ribbon hog!

  3. 50 shmackers? Did you get any offers for your painting?

  4. nope! Its cool, though. I'm going to try to keep my paws on them for a year to show them. I need to get them photographed so I can apply to some juried shows.