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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

grackle nest.

Isn't this the most perfect nest you've ever seen? I'm pretty sure these guys are baby grackles.  Don't worry though, no babies were harmed in the making of this photograph. I found them by accident and my entire encounter lasted approximately 20 seconds.  The baby birds look so cute and fuzzy, I want one!  I'll bet they have bird lice.

sidenote:  adult grackles are one of the most annoying birds I've encountered in Iowa.  For several weeks straight (I assume while they were tending to this nest) two grackles would follow me around the garden, hopping from tree branch to tree branch, and yell at me.  I shit you not, the birds would yell at me.  I would look up into the trees and try and intimidate the birds away from me...nope.  The birds would stand on their branch, hold their ground, turn their heads sideways, and glare at me with their strange, yellow eyes.  Then they would yell at me some more.  They're beautiful, that's for sure.  But, oh man, they are very confrontational creatures.


  1. Wow... that's grackle-lackin'! LOL Please excues my terrible street slang. I'm surprised the mama bird didn't come after you.

  2. OMG! grackle-lackin'. I have no words.


  3. super duper like. I hope the cat didn't eat them.

  4. Cute! Thanks for the suggestion on the site to put my mario pics by the way. I'm totally going to do it! :)

  5. You'd better. Its like you lived out many people's dreams. My friend, rish, will eat a banana in her car, throw it out the window and pretend she's playing Mario Cart.