rik-rat corn pile

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just Some Photos From the Garden.

My cement gorilla is master of the garden. He's very zen.


I'm not sure what the flowers in the back are called but I've dubbed them "the devil's paintbrush"


  1. celosia, i'm pretty sure. i've never planted any 'cause it's pretty weird looking. Your gorilla is pretty fierce, does it keep the varmints away?

  2. He hasn't managed to keep the chipmunks from planting random sunflowers around my flowerbed.

    Celosia. Now that they've matured, birds will perch on them and eat their seeds. They are pretty wild looking. Like a doctor Seuss plant.

  3. The garden looks great! I love the epic gorilla too!

  4. I thought about painting him like Magilla Gorilla but laziness took over.

    Now I kind of like him and stoic and grey.