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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Visit to the Swinging Bridge in Columbus Junction, Iowa.

So, here I sit on a carpeted floor in Muscatine, Iowa. I have a minor stomach ache...my father is also enjoying the same ailment so I hope it's not food poisoning. I am a hypochondriac so I hope these are just sympathy aches.

Despite our bellies, we've had a pretty excellent time hanging out in historic Muscatine. We've visited two museums, two restaurants, a recently refurbished and amazing Catholic Church, and took a self guided tour of historic homes. So, it's been a good day with dad and Cheryl.

I took a side trip on my way to Muscatine. There's a suspended bride in Columbus Junction and I have no idea why it exists, according to the sign its prone to collapse and suicide attempts...Yikes! Despite its questionable existence, it's pretty cool and I'll probably drop by and walk across on my next visit it if I ever get over my fear of swinging bridges.


  1. you can tell that this is where the teenagers from town like to smoke pot. There are little pot leaf drawings everywhere. Kind of funny. Damn kids, don't you know you're just begging cops to hang out there?

  2. Bleh...the stupid part about the Indian woman is stupid on so many levels.

  3. It's stupid on multiple levels. Sexist, racist, classist, you name it.