rik-rat corn pile

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I love this. I love this so much.

CONGRADUATIONS TO MY BROTHER GEOFF!  Geoff just graduated from North Eastern Illinois University with a degree in communications (on December 16th, 2012).  It was an honor for our family to watch him walk in his graduation ceremony.  Seriously, he rocks.  He rolls. 


  1. good on you Geoff! Are the finger monsters his graduation gift?

  2. In retrospect, they should have been graduation gifts. My buddy, annie, and I hit up a stored called "Pumpkin Moon." They sell all sorts of crazy shit. Finger puppets included....also, they have fake vomit.

  3. Fake vomit. Hmmm... obviously for people that don't have kids. There is often enough real vomit and poo in those houses to go around :) Not like I know or anything :)

    Merry Christmas Flux!

  4. you wanna see barf you should have seen my new years, lol. Yikes, it was a sight.