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Monday, April 8, 2013

Peoria Pop up Shop.

skyler sporting the beautiful "Bat" shirt design.
I received my BFA in 2005 from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.  A lot of my good friends still live around the area and are doing wonderful things to make the Peoria land area a better place (I could write an entire essay about all the good things my friends are doing, I am very proud).  Many business storefronts remain empty from the recession and entrepreneurial people, like my friends Rishika and Lisa, are trying to make them profitable again.  Hence their plan.

April 5th was first Fridays.  To those unfamiliar, first Fridays happen on (duh) the first Friday of every month.  Galleries have openings and the people of the local community hop from shop to shop, gallery to gallery, drink some free wine, and hopefully enjoy and buy art.  With the help of local store owner, Jessica Bennassi, local writer, Rishika Murthy, and local photographer, Lisa Anderson....we held a flea market of sorts on First Friday.

Our pop up shop had three vendors.  Rishika sold garments and hand bags from India at reasonable prices, Lisa sold her wonderful photographs (I am now the proud owner of two pieces), and I sold t-shirts featuring my designs, drawings, beaded skulls, and paintings.

The show was a tremendous success.  I got to see all sorts of friends (it was a lovely reunion as you can see in the photograph below) and even managed to sell SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of merchandise!  A fellow even bought a beaded deer skull, many bough drawings or prints, and it felt like everyone wanted a t-shirt.  It was amazing and rejuvenating.  I am still glowing from the experience and you know what they say...."if it plays in Peoria."

I'm feeling inspired.  It felt good to see my product sell successfully.



  2. me too. Nothing feels better than getting paid to do what you love. I mean...I'm sure there are other things that feel better but that one is close to the top of the list.

  3. righteous! Keep it up, you rock!