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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Smashed Pennies from the Glen Oak Zoo.

Juice, Barton, and I went to Glen Oak Zoo on Saturday.  It was an eventful trip, I watched a zookeeper feed a mandrill some lettuce.  Whoa.  It was pretty intense.  I also purchased these beautiful smashed pennies and have a new favorite animal : The Red River Hog (So CUTE).


  1. The giraffe is my favorite! I also liked the color of the penny. What is a mandrill?

  2. rafiki from the Lion King was a mandril. "A santi sana squash banana"

    I still like the pig penny the best, giraffe is a close second.

  3. the hogs are rad, they had baby ones at one point.

    one time i saw the big mandrill jerk off

    another time the emu wanted to fight me

    another nother time i jingled my keys and sent the little tiny monkeys that live inside and look like gnomes into full riot mode.

    also i dig the takins

  4. The river hogs were amazing...the color! The COLOR! Nothing quite like a pig with ear tufts.

    As for the monkeys, we saw one of them beating off. Or spanking his monkey...appropriately.