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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Write up for a show I curated.

I recently curated a show at the Oskaloosa Art Center called "The Skin We're in." We had fine art inspired by the genre of tattoos, fine art made by tattoo artists, entries from the Oskaloosa Community, a historical room (done by In Vivo Tattoos), and a social media project called The Wall of Skin!

The opening was rad! We greeted over 100 attendees and had tons o' fun messing with henna tattoos, drinkin' beer, looking at art, and communicating. It was just so damn awesome to see such energy. I felt like the community responded to the show well.

It was pretty great, artists involved: Jessica Robles, Valerie Wallace, Rob Stephens, Jessica Robles, Rebecca Stanley Norris, Natalie Shugalio Dimitropoulis, Danny Reed, Alan Munger, Trevor Pinegar, Briana Bartlett, Travis Wilson, Jeremy Hunolt, Jeremy Bratz, and Jane Ryder.

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